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About Us

     We are a husband and wife team whose main goal was to live life simply but well, enjoying visits with our son and grandsons. He loves to fish and watch football, we love to camp and I am a budding writer and have a small photography business so things were good.  But health does not always go along with your plans, and then there is the aging thing.  Diabetes was wreaking havoc with both of our lives, mine because I have it and his because he loves me. In 2003 a car accident sidelined him, and over the years his back, which he had injured in the accident, just continued to decline until he was not able to work at all.  Then I got really ill and here we were, one of us really sick and infirm and the other one trying to take on the burden for both of us even though his body was not working that well either.  

     We struggled along for the better part of two years. and then like an answer to my prayers, we were introduced to Emulin and our battles with inflammation began to go away.  

Emulin changed our lives. and can change yours as well. Then in 2018 Klamax our stem cell releaser came on the market.  Without hesitation, we added it to our lifestyle and our bodies improved even that much more.  He has found that the nerve damage in his shoulders is less and less painful every week, and he is able to reduce the heavy pharmaceuticals he was taking.  I have found the Diabetic Neuropathy I suffered with for years is actually going away, along with my stretch marks, wrinkles and grey hair!  That makes me really happy.  In fact today a young woman told me I did not look my actual age!  You have to love it when that happens. 

      What are you waiting for!  We look forward to hearing your own amazing testimony about how one or both (Emulin  and Klamax) have changed your life.                                                   Dwaine and Maureen Plante

The truth is out!

No longer bound by the constraints of working with pharmaceutical companies, retired physician Dr. Greenburg gives his best advice.

"When big Pharma is sending you threats, then you know you are doing something right."

Dr. Joe Ahrens - discoverer of Emulin 

There is no connection between Triglycerides and High Cholesterol and heart events.  Only Carbohydrates and inflammation have that connection.  Minimize those two things and your body can heal itself as it was meant to .”

Dr. Joe Ahrens - discoverer of Emulin 

Did you know that artificial sweeteners can actually cause

you to gain weight? 


Your tongue gets fooled into thinking there is sugar on it and sends a signal to your brain that there is sugar there.  That causes an amplification of the insulin response in your body. Insulin rushes to the area seeking out every little bit of sugar and then stores whatever it finds in your fat tissue.  This could actually cause you to gain weight - the exact opposite of what you were attempting to do.

Dr. Joe Ahren's - discoverer of Emulin