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Educating ourselves equals a healthier life. 

Inflammation is the Silent Killer!‚Äč

March  2017

In December of 2016, I had my fill of illness. I had watched a commercial on television and the announcer asked how you wanted to spend your senior years.  In one video was a senior couple out dancing and enjoying life, and the other one was of a wife sitting beside the hospital bed of her extremely ill husband.  It started me thinking about how I wanted to live the next 30 so my senior years. It certainly wasn't like the people who's lives were tied to the hospital, or how I had been living the past two years.

Diagnosed with diabetes over 25 years ago my health had been up and down since then, but mostly just getting progressively worse every year. Then I got really sick and I had spent 2 years dealing with some pretty big complications of Diabetes. I didn't know how I was going to do it, but I decided that enough was enough, and I was going to get well.

After my devotions one morning I experienced what I believe was the answer to my prayers. A friend of mine told me about a new supplement that was going to change the world but it was what he said next that got my attention. "It's going to save your life." and while It wasn't in Canada yet, I listened, did my research and from that moment have never looked back.

I received my first bottle on February 11, 2017, and started taking it. After 4 days I was able to walk across my dining room and living room floors - without any assistance! A very big deal for someone who used a wheelchair, walker, or a cane every day. I wondered could it be the Emulin?

Continuing to take it I found that every day something would get easier or better. After I was on it only two weeks, my husband, after seeing the changes in my health decided to take it too! The changes it made in both of our lives were phenomenal and it became our mission to let everyone know about it. Emulin is bringing hope back into peoples lives and their futures. 

Health is the new wealth!

April  2017

I never knew that Diabetes was caused by inflammation, or that High Blood pressure, Cancer, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Asthma, Alzheimer's and High Cholesterol. were as well. I have always thought that these were hereditary and worried that I would eventually suffer from them because they are a part of my family health history.

Once I learned how inflammation plays a huge role in creating disease I realized that these diseases are more the result of how we eat and not so much because of heredity. We cook like our parents, who cook like their parents before them and it goes back generations. Back then, even a generation ago, they needed foods rich in carbs because they worked physical jobs and their bodies needed and used what carbs they consumed.

Today we have machines to do our heavy work, and vehicles to drive us around. Which leads us to live sedentary lives, and yet we still eat the very same! Our foods are so full of sugar that the number of diabetics worldwide has grown at an accelerated rate. In fact, the number of people who were diagnosed with diabetes in 2015 was around 415 million and it is estimated that number will rise to 642 million by 2020. The madness has to stop because we are killing ourselves!

The list opposite is just the tip of the ice burg. I googled inflammation and disease and was given a list of 30 different diseases and they didn't even name them all. but what did surprise me was that they are now calling Alzheimer's Diabetes type III

Not all supplements are equal!

May  2017

We have learned over the years that not every supplement does what it claims it will. The Nobel Peace Prize-nominated Scientific team that discovered and patented Emulin said that it would minimize inflammation - and it does! Inflammation is the root cause of most major disease. Once you minimize the source of the inflammation,, your body will be able to heal and balance itself - the way it was designed to. Once we learned that we were hurting ourselves with the sheer number of carbs we were ingesting each and every day, we decided to create healthy habits. We had discovered that our bodies could only use a fraction of the number of sugars from carbs we ate! The rest were looked upon as poison and put our bodies in defense mode. Every day! So it's no wonder we had problems sleeping at night and then staying awake all day. We were silently killing ourselves and never realized it. We added Emulin to our diets and things began to balance themselves within days.  Within days we were sleeping through the night and waking up refreshed the next day.  And there were no afternoon naps required because we had the energy necessary to stay awake all day. That in itself was a refreshing change.  If you want to see this kind of change in your life, let Emulin help you get there!

Rejoicing with my regained health!

June  2017

The picture on the side may not make sense to you. It's a picture of feet inside of shoes. Big deal you think and you are probably wondering why I would post a picture of my feet in shoes.  The big deal is that while I had been able to wear a regular shoe on my right foot, on this day I was also able to wear a regular shoe on my left foot for the first time in almost 2 and a half years!   I had two diabetic ulcers on that foot and had to wear an ugly albeit functional boot that allowed me to "walk" or stand semi-safely.  This boot somewhat protected my foot from the elements but at the same time did not totally cover it. Without any kind of insulation in it I was susceptible to the weather - snow and cold along with the rain and wetness that came with.  I was not allowed to get my foot wet at all, because that would affect the special medicine they had wrapped around the wounds.  But this day - April 24, was a day of rejoicing because I was able to put my regular running shoes on.  I know this picture was taken in April and I am posting this in June but there has just been so much good stuff going on that I am trying to post it all.  Emulin has managed to help remove the inflammation that caused the circulation problems that restricted the blood flow to my foot. Without life-giving oxygen-rich blood reaching my foot, there was a danger of me actually losing it.  But Emulin removed the inflammation causing my legs to lose the edema which allowed my foot to heal and now I am able to wear regular shoes.

Oh, and some more happy news was that this month I am finally able to drive again. I had not driven for over two years and it's true that it is just like riding a bike.  I am so happy to have some freedom again!  Housework and driving - it was like I was getting back into my old life.  Unless you know what it is like to be housebound and dependent on someone else to do everything you will never know the thrill of being able to live independently.  I am beyond thrilled!

My body is coming back

July  201

As you can see the date on the meter in this picture is June 9.  The number is 4.8...right in the sweet spot of where a diabetic wants their sugar numbers to be.  I had been seeing these kinds of numbers more and more frequently but  I never thought to take a picture of my meter.  I went from having extremely high sugar numbers - high teens and twenties - to regularly seeing numbers like this.  Including Emulin in my life and eliminating most refined carbohydrates from my diet had managed to bring my sugars down to a level that made both my doctor and me happy.  I had also lost one pant size by taking my Emulin 15 minutes before each meal. Emulin can reduce your caloric values by 1/3!  Another great reason to love Emulin.

I was also feeling well enough to start attending vendor events.  With my little card table and my info, I was able to start helping people battle their own problems with inflammation! 

More healthy news

August  2017

In July of 2016 my kidney specialist told my husband that I was a very sick woman with stage three kidney damage. He stated I would be on dialysis within 6 months and on a transplant list inside of a year. My husband told him right to his face that we believed in a good God and for complete healing.  The doctor just shook his head and told me to continue to take the meds he prescribed.  God works in mysterious ways because in December of that year my friend told me about Emulin.  I started taking it in Feb and when I visited my kidney specialist in July 2017, he was astonished and wanted to know what I had been doing. He said he had never seen something like this and that my kidneys were now working 6 points from normal and he was thrilled with it.  I told him about Emulin and he was intrigued.

Then this month my regular who had been telling me for the past 10 years not to drink, informed me that I could have a beer if I wanted to.  Can you imagine that?  10 years of being told no alcohol and now I could have one within reason but still!  I felt like a kid in a candy store and didn't know what to choose first.  Of course, I ended up having a beer on the back deck with my husband and while it seemed funny to do it, I sure enjoyed it.  Now I do not make a habit to drink but it is nice that the choice is back on the table.  Emulin helped rid my body of the visceral fat it was storing and I am getting back into a more natural state of balance.   She is also so thrilled that my cholesterol is down and so is my blood pressure.  Cholesterol is a band-aid your body makes to protect your arteries against what I call jagged sugar. Too many refined carbs result in too much sugar banging around in your arteries and veins, inuring the walls, causing your body to go into defense mode to protect it.  No refined carbs equal low cholesterol.  Low cholesterol also equals low blood pressure!  Emulin wins again! Like I said - she is astounded.

Healthy news

Sept  2017

We attended our nephew's wedding this month and I actually danced with my husband.  We had not been able to slow dance for over 4 years because I had problems with the circulation in my legs and could not stand up for very long.  I am not saying I danced every dance that night but I did manage a few.  Although the year before I had tried it wasn't much and this year It felt so good to be held in his arms dancing under the stars as the music played.  I  also was able to walk around that day and I took lots of pictures -(old photography habits die hard) and just thoroughly enjoyed myself.  I had not been to a wedding where there were games being played during the time the bridal party was having pictures done.  And even though the wedding was outside and the ground wasn't really even, I still managed to walk around and visit people.  It was so nice to get out and see everyone and spend time laughing and reliving old times with family and old friends.  I am actually starting to believe I can get back to normal.  

I forgot to include in last months blog that I had attended my semi-annual eye appointment.  The dr. likes to keep track of my diabetic eyes and also I was diagnosed with glaucoma some years back and that is based on the pressure in my eyes.  However, during this visit, the dr told me the pressure in my eyes was basically normal.  Emulin wins again.  And they changed my visits to once yearly based on what she observed when she examined my eyes.  You can't beat that! Inflammation is going down all over my body!  

What a difference a year makes

October , 2017

One year ago I almost died and if it had not been for the skilled knowledge of the nurse who was here doing the dressing on my foot, my story would have probably ended much sooner.  That day was a cool, overcast rainy one and we were babysitting our youngest grandson.  Poor baby, he was only 2 and a half and only knew me as grandma that sat in the chair.  I had no energy to do anything and at that point, it could and did take up to 20 minutes to go out to the car to go anywhere.  I can remember telling my husband it was such a long way from the house to the car - when in reality it may have been 10 or 15 feet.  But when you added that into the length of where I always sat in the dining room and where I had to walk to get outside - those additional 25 feet or more seemed like it took superhuman strength to get through.  Dwaine would have to set up several resting stations for me when we had to go out anywhere because I was so lacking energy that I sincerely had to rest. I would walk from my chair to the kitchen - 10 feet and have to rest for 5 or more minutes. Then walk to the door and rest either outside if it was a nice day or inside if it was not.  Then there was the whole going down the 4 stairs to get to the driveway.  That was truly exhausting, and sometimes he would have a chair for me to sit on there as well.  He took such good care of me and never complained.  I felt like such a burden but didn't know what to do about it, and part of me was getting to the point where just managing to survive was taking all my energy.  He also had to push me in an old wheelchair that was not easy to manage, lifting it in and out of the car and then pushing me to every appointment. Almost every specialist we had to see was in the middle of a hospital someplace and would be sometimes a block to walk there.   Life was not easy for him either as he also had back problems. 

But this particular day late in October, we had the nurse in and she said I did not look very good and wanted me to go to the hospital. Of course, I gave her a hard time because Dwaine already had enough to worry about without trying to get me there and we had the baby to worry about. The nurse told me that if I didn't go she was calling an ambulance and then I realized how serious she was. So off to the hospital I went, courtesy of our friend Sherman. Dwaine was going to wait at home with the baby until the baby's mom picked him up after work.  

Well, of course, the first thing the hospital did was draw blood and hook me up to monitors.  After a while, the nurses came in and after looking at the monitor kept shaking their heads, but of course, wouldn't tell me anything.  In comes a doctor who then explained what my blood tests revealed:  My blood was half gone but my vitals were perfect.   To backtrack:  In June of 2016, I had had arterial surgery on my legs, where they had put in a shunt on one side and did an angioplasty on the other.  In order to put me out for the procedure, I had been given what I think was too much anesthesia.  After the surgery was over they had a very difficult time waking me up - and it took longer then it should have.  As soon as I was able I was discharged and went home. One week later I was back in the hospital having tests because of difficulties breathing.  It was confirmed I had a blood clot in my lung and I was put on a pharmaceutical that my husband strenuously objected to.  We were told that the benefits greatly outweigh the risks.  Easy for them to say when it is not their body.  So I started on this drug and while my legs started to feel better I tired very easily.  I can remember going for a head massage - and I felt so good sitting outside in the sun waiting for him to come and get me.  But that feeling did not last and I remember how exhausted I felt just standing up and walking 3 feet to my car.  In fact, there were days when I never even got out of bed because I was just too drained.

All around me life went on and while I could not attend many things, I did manage to attend a  few family events: a wedding shower, a baby shower,  and two weddings. Some with more energy than others, but never with enough energy to actually enjoy what I was doing.  I remember trying to dance and ending up just standing barely moving because I was so tired. 

Then the Wednesday after my Sister in law Lisa got married, I ended up in the hospital and faced with the information that I had lost a lot of blood and that explained the loss of energy.  In fact, your hemoglobin count is supposed to be 120 and mine was 62.  Transported by ambulance to a bigger hospital - and no they did not use the lights or siren event though it was my first time in one, I arrived to a waiting nursing staff who took me in and put me in a bed in the emergency department.  My husband and sister showed up and took turns staying with me.  My poor husband had just spent time in that very hospital with his mom who had had to have emergency surgery earlier that month.  So since my sister was going to stay for a while I sent him home.  

I don't have a good recollection on the exact timeline of things although I am pretty sure it was Wednesday afternoon, but I remember waking up off and on and my brothers and sister would be there, or my husband. I ended up having a scope because they needed to find the reason for my blood loss.  By this time my hemoglobin was 52. So in I went and the results were I had no internal injuries and what was causing the bleeding was the drug they had put me on to dissolve the blood clot. They immediately took me off of it, and he ordered 3 units of blood and 2 units of iron to be administered intravenously.  

I was not happy because I was already full of holes from being poked and prodded and if you have ever had a blood transfusion you know the needle has to be a little bigger then the one they use to draw blood.  But within 4 days I was feeling human enough to come home  They decided that I still needed to be on something to combat the blood clot and so they switched the drug to something else. But I ended up being allergic to one of the binding agents so I quit taking it all together.  A week after being discharged from the hospital the Thoracic specialist said the results of more tests said the blood clot had been dissolved and so he took me off of all blood thinners and said I was ok.

I knew there wasn't much more than my hubby could take and so I started looking for new ways to get healthy because the old way - pharmaceuticals were killing me. 

Educating others

November, 2017

I am so happy that I have been able to attend vendor events off and on and this one was in Fort Erie.  I met lots of nice people who were astonished when they heard my story.  I never tire of telling it because my journey with Emulin is a story that needs to be told and retold.  Emulin has been around since 2008.  And although the scientist behind it offered it to big food and drink manufacturers, they refused it. Even when they were told if you add Emulin to your products you can help fight the war on diabetes. Adding Emulin reduces sugar consumption and helps chaperone it out of our bodies.  But every one of those companies refused to add it.  Do you know why?  Because adding it would mean admitting that there was something not good for you when you consumed their products.  Most refined carbohydrates are grains like wheat, corn, and rice that have been processed to death.  They are stripped of their fibre, vitamins, and minerals until there is nothing left that your body can use to fuel itself.  So instead of getting the nutrients, you need to live a healthy balanced life, you are getting junk - that has no nutritional value at all. And as for drink companies they have way to much sugar in their products and yet Emulin could have reduced the problems too much sugar can cause.   Emulin helps put those back because it is food and is what nature intended for you.  

Many people find it hard to believe but white foods are the ones that are not good for you. Wheat, corn, and rice are all working against your body because they have been processed into nothing but empty calories. Vegetables like potatoes and yams are considered white foods as well and are very starchy which is not good for your body to handle either.  And lots of people are not aware that your body can create an organ that you are not born with and it is all because you are consuming too much sugar.  Look up the term Visceral Fat and you will see what I mean.  That is why it is so important to utilize the goodness that comes from integrating Emulin into your diet.  

Celebrating a year of regained health

December, 2017

My life is so very different from where I was just one year ago.  Back then I was wheelchair and housebound.  Always sick, scared of my own shadow and afraid I was going to die and leave my loving husband and family.  Everything changed when my friend Rick LeClair told me about Emulin and how it was going to save my life.  I believed him and this past year has been a testament to my health making such a dramatic turnaround.  No longer was I a woman afraid of death, because what I was doing was merely existing not really living.  Back then I was a woman who could not walk anywhere without assistance, a woman afraid of her own shadow, unable to do anything on her own.  But taking Emulin and changing my eating pattern,  I had turned into a healthier version of myself,  confident in how my body is recovering from the terribly poor condition it was in just one year previously.  This year for the first time in 5 years I helped put up our Christmas tree. I drove myself to go shopping for the kids and grandkids. I cleaned my house and we hosted our usual Christmas breakfast - (Which we have been doing for almost 20 years), That was a big deal because, for the past 4, he has had to do everything: The cleaning, decorating, cooking and shopping.  I didn't even have the energy to wrap anything.  But Emulin has been proven over and over again to have helped me recover from the barely surviving lifestyle I was at to one where I now look forward to each and every adventurous day.  Merry Christmas everyone and we will see you in the New Year and we will tell you all about Klamax our newest product being launched in 2018.