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06-05-2015 - heath

Our customers testimonies!

Updated testimony.  If I thought my testimonies after being on Emulin for 3 months were incredible, one year later and with the addition of Klamax there is nothing but good news to add.  

1.   A prescribed medicine gave me stage three kidney damage. - the Dr. warned that it could only get worse and that in 6 months I would be on dialysis and in one year on a transplant list.  I am happy to report that after six months (2017) on Emulin my kidneys are now functioning 6 points from normal - and could possibly even improved since then.

2.  Dr diagnosed me over 10 years ago with fatty liver disease and told me to NEVER drink alcohol as it could kill me.  In the summer of 2017, she reported that my liver had "nothing wrong with it" and that "yes I could have a beer or glass of wine - but of course in moderation".

3.  About 25 years ago I was given a shot and prescription for Cloxacillin - a derivative of penicillin. Either the dosage was too high or I should not have had been given it, as the result was that I ended up with a heart murmur.  I would get those little heart rushes every time I would get too excited or too stressed which was a lot, and while they didn't hurt it was still unsettling.  I can say that I rarely feel them anymore and while my dr would not say that it was healed, she didn't really remark on it, whereas at almost every appointment previously she had mentioned it.

4. Circulation problems that had resulted in blockages, which caused me to have both legs operated on are now a thing of the past.  My feet and legs are pink and warm and it absolutely has both the technician at the Vascular Lab and my surgeon baffled.  And the edema in my legs is gone! My surgeon stated that what he was seeing was impossible, but that the test results did not lie. He also agreed that inflammation can and does do a lot of damage in peoples veins and arteries.

5.  Diabetic Neuropathy in both feet and legs up to the knees is virtually gone.  I am no longer taking meds for it.

6.  Both my blood pressure and cholesterol levels are normal now for the first time in years.

7.  Glaucoma in both eyes - Eye Dr. thrilled and also astonished that the pressure in both eyes is normal.

8.  Diabetic Ulcers on left foot - are healed and the large part of my heel that had been missing because of the damage caused by the ulcer is now growing back.  And when this hole heals and fills in the foot specialist says "Believe it or not but there is your proof!"

9.  I have very little mobility problems, gave away my wheelchair, walker, and cane.  

10.  Brain Fog is gone and I am sleeping all night.  I awake refreshed and ready for the day.

11.  I am losing less hair in the shower, the grey is going away and I have phenomenal new growth.

12.  My facial lines and wrinkles are disappearing as well as stretch marks and scars. 

13.  Psoriasis that covered my body is almost gone., and psoriatic arthritis that went with it is gone.

14.  I am no longer plagued with bursitis in my shoulders.  

15.  I have lost weight and love how my body is getting stronger every day.

16.  I am finally feeling emotionally and mentally balanced - and I am just happier every day.  I find myself laughing at stuff that used to make me angry or sad.  I just love how I feel now - because I have hope that my body will only continue to come back into balance. 

17.  Although some people may think this is strange to add I just had to. My libido had been failing for years and during the years of illness absolutely non-existent.  I am happy to report that things in that area are not back to normal but have exceeded my previous levels.  As a post-menopausal woman, I had thought that for the most part that part of my life was over.  And then along came Klamax and made me a believer again.   With both of us on Klamax, we feel like newlyweds again and we could not be happier.  

I was on pharmaceuticals for years and it just never got better. But now by adding Emulin and Klamax, not only am I am feeling better than I have in probably 45 years or more., I am sleeping better, more active and I have been able to either stop or reduce most of my prescriptions.  Oh, Happy Day!  

Thank you Emulin and Klamax - Maureen Plante - CEO of Global Holistic Body Balance

Klamax is currently unavailable at this time.  stay tuned for updates on its availability.

Don't stop​ taking it!

Once you start, you are not going to want to ever go back to where you were before!

Emulin does what it says it will!

The first time I had to get down on my knees after being on Emulin there was no knife stabbing pain like in the past!​

Thank you Emulin! Kerri P

After 5 months, Emulin has reduced the inflammation in my back by about 75% and I am no longer afraid that any movement will set off a painful spasm. I am sleeping all night, waking refreshed and finally have a zest for life again

Thanks Emulin!     Dwaine P

"It is amazing that this little three ingredient capsule can be making such a profound and healthy affect on my body."

Sherman Z

3 months on Emulin Plus C and I could not be happier! I went from being someone who was basically infirm and relied on my husband for absolutely everything, to a woman who is finally living life again. In the past three months the following positive changes have happened in my body all because of Emulin:

• I am down a pant size!

• Sugar levels are way down – no more high teens or twenties!

• Circulation is up and no muscle cramps!

• Sleeping all night, waking refreshed and no afternoon drag.

• No edema – leg/foot swelling, 

• Twice daily inhalers down to 1 – rescue inhaler – when I need it!

• I have lost my fear of falling, I am out of my wheelchair, rarely use the walker, occasionally use cane

• I am able to do some housework again, giving my husband relief

• I am driving again- Yay freedom!

 I am shopping and being social again!

• I am dancing again – both fast and slow – for the first time in years!

• My moods are balanced and I am happy every day – for the first time in months if not years. My     husband just remarked how much he loved hearing my laugh again!

• I feel loved and lovable again – all because of a little three ingredient capsule that is actually food.    Emulin Plus by iGalen has changed my life!

 I can't promise it will do the same for you,, but if are you willing to give it a chance and find out, I can say that if you have inflammation in your body Emulin Plus will help minimize it! 

 What do you have to lose - except bad health   - Maureen P.

Stay Tuned.  More exciting testimonies coming soon on our fabulous Valentus products.